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MightySkins Team

MightySkins started with one goal in mind, provide top quality designs, using state of the art equipment with customer service that is second to none.

It started like so many businesses, holding a “day” job and working nights and weekends with our first digital equipment in the corner of a garage. Our commitment to customer service, style and quality helped us grow. The garage is long forgotten and that original printer retired.

Today we constantly upgrade our equipment and designs and have moved to a larger state of the art facility. We do not and will not sell imported skins of lesser quality. All of our products are proudly made in the USA in our own production facility. This allows us complete control, from concept to design and manufacture, it ensures the uniqueness and quality of all our products.

Be assured every MightySkins order receives personal attention in our environmentally friendly, state of the art facility by our committed associates.

We would be honored to add you to our thousands of satisfied customers. Here's a little bit more about who we are:


Creating MightySkins in his garage nearly a decade ago, David started out with a lone printer and a singular goal in mind: provide the best quality skins to help make the dull “factory finish” world more beautiful and unique! Still personally involved in the day-to-day functions, from concept to design, processing to shipping, he uses the knowledge gained from his experience in the sign and graphics industry and marketing background to make sure that MightySkins is still living up to that dream from his office right next to the production floor! While personally steering the MightySkins ship, he still finds time to spend with his two boys, and you can often find him messing around in the kitchen to entertaining his foodie side.


As head of art & design since 2013, Mitch is the reason MightySkins looks so awesome!  From research and development to artwork to fitting, Mitch had a hand in crafting every part of your MightySkin!  He has a degree in graphic design and years of experience in the graphics and print industries ranging from sand etching to large format printing, giving him the skills and knowledge to make your device look like a million bucks!  If he’s not at his desk, he’ll be mountain biking, enjoying live music wherever it can be found, or obsessing over his latest DIY project.


Sam is the backbone of our art & design. From creating new designs that make your devices stand out from the crowd, to test-fitting the newest products for skins to make sure they’ve got you covered, she’s involved with every part of the design process! When she’s not making your gear look great, you can find her cosplaying her favorite anime characters at the nearest convention, or if you’re lucky you might catch her singing in one of five different languages!


Kue is the eye of the storm here at MightySkins. It takes a special kind of person to oversee a high-volume graphics shop or the shipping & receiving department for a global ecommerce company, and Kue manages to do both with a smile! Whether she’s coordinating staff, organizing the day’s orders, or making sure the equipment is running smooth, Kue helps make what we do look easy! When she’s not keeping the MightySkins machine well-oiled, she spends her time in the world of fashion, as both a designer and a personal shopper.


Julian is our resident equipment specialist, keeping your orders flowing by making sure everything is running smoothly! Coming to the MightySkins team from a background in construction supervision, he’s no stranger to keeping several machines operating at full capacity. From printing to laminating to cutting, he makes sure there’s no downtime so you get your skins as fast as possible! When he’s not keeping the plates spinning, you’re likely to find him at the gym, or volunteering with his church.


Ashley is the steward of your MightySkins, entering every order into our system by hand for that personal touch! With more than 15 years in the retail world, her attention to detail is what makes sure that you get exactly what you ordered, and get it fast! And when they’re ready to go, you might even find her packing those orders by hand as well! Aside from being the first and last person to see your skin before you do, she likes to put her degree in Culinary Arts to good use baking in her spare time, and playing pool to unwind.


Charlie has worked for MightySkins since 2011. He is our most experienced vinyl specialist and is the last line in production! When it’s done being printed and cut, your order lands on Charlie’s table for inspection and sorting, to make sure your skin is just the way you need it! His passion for the company and brand is Charlie’s biggest asset. In his spare time you can find him in the gym or playing around with Jack, his Jack Russel Terrier.


Clear Cases and Bumper Cases are Will’s area of expertise, and he can often be found at the helm of MightySkins case printing department giving your phone the protection and style it needs! From entering the order to packing it, he’s there from start to finish to make sure your MightySkins case is in your hands lightning quick! After he’s finished making the best looking case you’ll ever own, you’ll probably see his nose in a book, but his love of literature doesn’t stop there: he’s a published author as well!


Eric is the smiling face and cheerful voice behind MightySkins customer support. We want every single one of our customers to have the best experience possible, and Eric is in charge of making sure that happens! With over a decade of experience in customer support, whether he’s answering customers’ questions or just helping them find the perfect skin, he’s always eager to be of service! Outside of the office, Eric likes games of all kinds from the computer to the tabletop, and he’s a promoter and on-air commentator for a professional wrestling organization.


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