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Defender Pixel XL 5.5 Case

We didn’t even know the Pixel XL 5.5 had come out until we realized how many people had one. We’ve looked it up, and we’re impressed; some of us may have even gone out to look for one.

You own one, so you’re already ahead of us. Not only that, you also have the Defender Pixel XL 5.5 case from OtterBox to protect it. It’s got tri-layer protection and a seriously great one-year warranty, so it seems like you’re all set.

Except, of course, that you need a vinyl wrap or two to show off some style. We figured you might come around asking for some, so here are 100 of our best designs, all laser-cut and easy to replace, should you ever want to try another design. Come on, I know you’ve got your eye on at least two of them; pick them both up.

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