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By now you’ve probably noticed the immense amount of vape companies that exist. They just seem to pop up everywhere. And we’re impressed that you know enough of vaping and the industry to know which company to trust.

Wismec is one such company. Focusing on mods and accessories, this company also pairs their devices with firmware updates and the newest technology available. More importantly, the company also takes the time to ensure that what they’re putting out on the market is truly an innovation.

But this company is unique for another reason — they do co-branding with select businesses, bringing their knowledge and skill to other devices. What does this say to us? That Wismec is advanced enough — and humble enough — to share what they know about the vaping industry instead of keeping it to themselves. That’s the mark of a good company.

The laundry list of features is only superseded by Wismec’s devotion to turning out easy-to-use mods that even beginner vapers can use. They care about us as customers, which in turn makes us care about them as a company. It’s genuine, and it works.

So aside from all of the great things about Wismec, there is one little thing that isn’t up to par — the design of the mods. Sure, they’re ergonomically sound, but they’re also a bit boring. So we put our thinking caps on and created designs that will fit perfectly on this mod. We know you’ll enjoy them, so we put them right here for you. Let us know which designs you like the most!



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