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How to get your matching wallpaper onto your device

Go to MightySkins.com and enter the name of your device and your design into the search box at the top of the page (EXAMPLE: "iPhone 6 Nebula") and find your item among the search results (it should be one of the first results).  Click the gray "Download Wallpaper" link on the item page, below the blue "Add To Cart" button, and then save the image to your device.
PLEASE NOTE: This may have to be done from a desktop or laptop computer, as not all mobile devices are able to download images from web browsers.
If so, there are two ways to load the image to your device:
a. Using a USB cable from your device to your computer; this works for most Smart Phones/Tablets and all Apple devices (if you are not sure how to add files, review your device's user manual)
b. Email or Picture Message (SMS) the image to your device.

**Note: The above steps MUST be done from a laptop or tablet computer.