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Vape Forward

Vape companies keep popping up. It seems like every month brings a new vape company with a new technology or gimmick to make them stand out in a crowd. Most of the time, these companies fall by the wayside.

But sometimes they turn into Vape Forward. This company is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a proud American vape company. They don’t focus on gimmicks — though we’re huge fans of the names of their products — but rather on the quality of the products they sell.

And they sell mods. That’s what they do. We think it’s a pretty cool thing to see a company focusing on one part of vaping because let’s face it — some mods don’t get enough love.

That is definitely not a problem for Vape Forward. Their history is in bringing together quality and ergonomics into their vape mods so that the device is easy and comfortable to use. And you know us — comfort is everything. That goes double for when we have a long day, come home, collapse on the couch, and just want to vape in peace. Because come on, we’ve all had those days.

And while we love Vape Forward’s commitment to comfort, we’re less enthusiastic about their lack of style. You know you were thinking it. So what did we do? Well, because we’re awesome, we made laser-cut vinyl wraps to cloak your favorite mod in, and we’ve added Vape Forward to the mix.


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