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Vamo is one of those companies that focuses on making one product very well. We applaud them for it because we consider their pen mods the best of their kind on the market right now. They’re also the easiest to use and are great for beginning vapers.

More than that, Vamo is a company that prides itself on working towards advancing vaping technology. Around since nearly the inception of the vaping industry, Vamo’s mods have undergone several generations, each time bringing more functionality to a device that generally has very little. And we’re continually impressed every time they come out with a new generation.

But enough of giving them praise. We know that you know how great this company is. After all, their mods are affordable and can work with nearly any tank on the market, even dry herbal tanks. And if you smoke dry herbs, you know how much of a big deal that is.

Aside from the fact that you can clip on an extra battery and the HUD display that’s available on the newer mods, Vamo is a pretty great product. Except that it suffers the same design problem as nearly every other pen mod on the market — it’s just not stylish.

Sure, it’s got a chrome finish, but we all get bored of that after a while. That’s why we came up with the designs you see below. We wanted you to customize your mod to fit your own style. So have a look around, and come see us at checkout when you’ve chosen your designs.


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