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These guys are definitely onto something with their top-of-the-line “personal drink coolers”. They’re made from 18/8 stainless steel - that’s the highest common grade used for foodstuffs - and are super good at keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

What they are not super good at is differentiating themselves from one another. Say each member of the family fills up their tumbler with their drink of choice for the big pre-game cookout. Better sharpie those suckers up, or pretty soon 9-year-old Sally’s gonna accidentally be drinking from mom or dad’s beer. Or rum and coke, depending on the day.

 Better idea: Wrap your Tumblers (Or Bottle, Lowballs, Colster, Can) in a distinctive and stylish MightySkin. Little Sally can have her giraffe tumbler, Dad can have his football, and Mom can wrap her Tumbler in a relaxing sunset. Plus, the high-grade vinyl will protect your advanced personal drink cooler from dings and scratches. You can even rewrap Sally’s Bottle when she graduates from giraffes to graffiti. Our skins remove without a mess and cost less than her new data plan (maybe she wants a skin to match her phone - we can do that).

Make sure your kids don’t drink beer by accident. Wrap your tumblers in a MightySkin. Do it now.


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