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Nothing is better than an inclusive vape company. After all, an inclusive vape company asks for suggestions and reviews from their consumer base and works to make changes based on what they say. And that, to us, spells a great company to buy mods from.

That’s exactly what Tesla does. This China-based company thrives on customer engagement, meaning they ask people like you and me what we liked and didn’t like about their products. Can you name another company that does that? Do you need a minute to think about it? Go ahead and think. We’ll wait. Let us guess -- you couldn’t think of any.

That’s okay because Tesla is great at customer engagement. They listen to vapers’ concerns and implement changes in the newest generations of their products. What does that mean for you? It means better mods with better functionality and higher wattage and temperature outputs.

What it doesn’t mean is a more customizable design. Sorry, but Tesla’s got so much on their plate that thinking about designs and different style options just isn’t on the top of their to-do list. We’re willing to let that slide because they’re so good at their job, but we do realize it’s a problem.

That’s why we’re taking over design duties by giving you laser cut vinyl wraps for your Tesla mods. With so many choices to pick from, we’re confident we’ve got at least two you’ll fall in love with. Go ahead and get both — you never know when you’ll want the extra wrap.


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