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Ever left your iPad in the pocket of the seat back in front of you and when you finally got through to the airline’s Lost and Found after talking to 27 different unhelpful people over the course of 4 days they had the nerve to ask you what it looked like?  What if you could have said, "oh, it’s covered in bacon" or "yeah, it has a flaming skull just like mine" instead of "um…it looks like a f*ing iPad."

Well, hindsight’s 20/20.  But now let’s think about your future.  Your MightySkinned future.  For less than 20 bucks, you can protect your iPad, or any tablet or e-reader for that matter, from becoming just another one of the thousands (this is a verified statistic) of identical machines doomed to hang out in Lost and Found purgatory for all of eternity.  Also from scratches and dings.

But, you ask, what if your soaring popularity and reputation for extraordinary good taste results in hundreds of followers immediately selecting exactly the same skin?  First, do not despair.  Our high-quality vinyl skins are specially designed to stay on when you want them to and remove easily with no sticky mess when it’s time for a change.  Second, thanks for the business.

"Well, my tablet doesn’t even fit in pocket of the seat back in front of me because it is super protected by an indestructible Otterbox case," you say next.  Well, we reply with raised eyebrows, while that might be enough to distinguish it for the Keeper of the Lost and Found, is it enough to distinguish it for your heart and soul?  Express yourself!  Let your case say more than "I'm kind of clumsy" or "This is really my kid’s tablet".  Let it say, "I’m kind of clumsy but only when I’m drunk, which might be a lot."

With so many people carrying tablets and e-readers these days, it’s time to take a step towards individuality.  Make your tablet’s distinguishing mark the flag of your people or a super-hip chevron and not the mark the Lost and Found makes when all hope of reuniting it with its owner has been abandoned and it is time to ship it to the Home for Orphaned Devices.


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