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In the Shenzen district of China, where vaping was first created, lies a bunch of companies that cater to you, the vaping community. It is the heart and soul of world-class vaping innovation, and that’s where we found our latest favorite company, Smok.

You may have never heard of Smok, but it’s the company that brought your vaping experience out of the Dark Ages. It’s given us dual coil technology, as well as made it possible to sync a vape mod to Bluetooth so it could be controlled through a smartphone. Pretty neat, right?

And because Smok is part of a larger company that focuses on the research and development of vape products, this means that it’s bringing you the best technology on the market, making your vape safer and more responsible.

It’s also one of the most stylish brands on the market. We’re guessing that Smok realized that having every single mod in black wasn’t a great way for vapers to distinguish themselves from the pack, so they made fashion one of their core values.

Still, even Smok needs a little help when it comes to style. After all, their money is spent on making your mods work better, not customizable. But that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? So you can cloak your favorite Smok mod in one of our skins. It’s okay to say it — we’re your favorite vinyl wrap company. Well, thanks, and happy browsing.


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