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It can be hard to get too excited about any one vape hardware company out on the market today. We think it’s because there are so many in existence that it’s just hard to keep track, and that’s a good problem to have. But there is one company that does stand out, and that’s Sigelei.

Sigelei is a China-based company that was founded in 2011 to bring vapers like you the best in vape hardware. They work in primarily box mods, choosing to focus their technical talent and vape researching skills on providing vapers with mods that fit your temperature and watt needs as best as possible.

Sigelei’s mods range in wattage output up to 200W, with mods having variable wattage outputs that correspond to the best that technology had to offer when it was created. This brand is both for beginning vapers and more advanced users like you, allowing everyone to play nice with the same brand of vape products.

We have a collection of Sigelei mods that we own, and we regularly use our own vinyl skins to wrap them in designs that are fitting our moods. We suggest that you do the same, because with designs this amazing, it just makes sense.


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