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You’re the kind of vaper we love — the vaper who is always looking out for the next big vape company to hit the market. You’re looking for the innovative market that will help you take your vape experience to a whole new level, and you know that it’s possible to find that within this industry.

That’s why you’re a big fan of Sense, the company that is bringing some of the best tanks and mods to the market. A relatively new company on the market, Sense was established in 2014 in China and uses the advanced technology coming from the country to continuously improve on the products that we use to vape our products.

From mods to accessories to tanks, Sense has been providing vapers all over the world with the newest capabilities in tanks, such as vape juice control and a tighter control over airflow. And with the amazing names for the tanks — Herakles is our favorite — we think someone over at Sense has a delightful sense of whimsy. And by whimsy, we mean irony, of course.

Because these tanks have nothing whimsical about them. They are built to provide you a great vape every time, and they do that job perfectly. We just wish they had some design. Oh wait, that’s what we’re for. All these designs you see here will fit your Sense tank perfectly, so stop reading this and browse.


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