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With the protection of an Otterbox already in your pocket, you may be thinking, “why would I need a skin?  Protection is the only reason I have this ungainly mega-case.”  Well, friend, that is why you need a MightySkin.  An Otterbox is designed for protection and not much else.  Sure, they may offer a few options for fancying up your phone bunker, but style and beauty are not what those folks are about.  It is, however, what we are about.

While MightySkins are a great protective option for those looking for a slim, streamlined defense against everyday elements like sun, grit, and dust, we understand that you are clearly up against some much mightier elements, like tractor wheels, tornados, or small children.  For you, we’re here to make sure that protecting your devices against those elements doesn’t mean sacrificing style and expression.   We mean expression besides the kind that comes in four-letter format.

Your Otterbox Defender may offer the ultimate in disaster protection for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad mini, your HTC One, Moto X, or Galaxy S-series phone, but let’s be honest.  It ain’t pretty.  And as the only Otterbox case designed to clip to your hip, don’t you think it ought to offer a little something more in terms of style?  With MightySkins, it can.  

Maybe you’ve opted for the subtler Commuter or Symmetry line to keep your phone safe and unmolested while it bangs around in your purse or backpack, or against a hundred people, doors and poles on the morning train.  Why not give it a look that says something more than “Please don’t talk to me, can’t you see I’m on my phone?”  Plus, a bright, bold MightySkin makes it a lot easier to spot when that crafty kid picks your pocket.  

MightySkins premium vinyl covering and UV protected ink mean your Otterbox skin will keep looking sharp and fresh, whatever your case may go through.  And, hey, if you want a skin for every new adventure, we can do that, too.  MightySkins remove easily, with no gooey mess, and with hundreds of designs starting at just $7 a pop, changing your skin to match your mood, outfit, or imminent disaster is no problem.  


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