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When you’re new to vaping and you haven’t really gotten the hang of the vaping grammar yet, you need a company you can turn to that won’t make you feel like a fool when you ask a question. Because, honestly, how many of us like feeling like a fool for asking what the difference between coil metals are? That’s what we thought.

But you’re in luck. Lotus is a brand that makes it clear from the outset that not only do they want you to love their products — which range from starter kits and replacement parts to mods and tanks — they also want you to ask questions and learn how to use everything. And the last time we checked, knowing how to use a mod is really important.

Lotus mods vary in size and power output, but they’ve all got one thing in common — advanced vaping technology that helps you control your temperature and wattage output while giving you big clouds and big flavors. And with names like the Jellyfish, these mods are meant to stand out.

So now that you’ve got your Lotus mod, all you’re missing is a couple of our vinyl wraps. It’s a great way to keep your mod looking fresh, and with the easy-to-remove skin, you can pick and choose how fierce your mod will look every day.


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