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Lost Vape

Mods are like clothes, and vapers can’t just live on having one setup. After all, you’ve got our special vapes, our cloud chasing mods, and our all-day vape setup. So at the very least, you’re looking at having two or three setups.

And like with all vapers, you want a quality product that gives you good flavor and good vapor. So you look around. You do your research. And if you’re lucky, you come across Lost Vapes, a relatively new company on the market.

Founded in 2012 in China, Lost Vapes is a veteran in the industry that takes pride in making amazing products, one beautiful mod at a time. Their edited selections are made for vapers like you, who know a good mod when you see one. And because they take their time with each new product, testing it out with researchers and engineers who work side-by-side with them, you know that the mod is going to be an excellent addition to your already gorgeous mod collection.

And since you’ve already made the decision to grab yourself a Lost Vapes mod, go ahead and pick up a few wraps for it too. We know, we’ve got over a hundred to choose from and you can’t pick just one, which is why we made it affordable.


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