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You know how they say, “Lenovo: For those who do”?  Well, whatever you do, we’ve got you covered. 

Maybe you live life on the edge and bring your ThinkPad Edge along for the ride.  Well, find yourself an edgy MightySkin—we’ve got plenty—and protect your adventurous machine from the dings and scratches that a life lived in the balance can sometimes leave.  The skin can take it.  Its high-gloss laminate and superior-quality UV protective ink make it resistant to fading, scratching and peeling, so it’ll stay bright, bold, and intact through all your escapades.  Don’t you wish we could make similar assurances about your body’s skin?  Yeah, we can’t.

Perhaps you chose a Yoga Pro because, well, you’re a yoga pro and you figured you would be kindred spirits.  You may have been disappointed to discover that your machine didn’t really have a spirit.  But despair not.  Just get a MightySkin and give it one!  Whichever skin you choose, it will come with a matching downloadable desktop background, so your Yoga Pro will reflect its (or your) unique inner spirit on every surface.

Got a ThinkPad Twist because you’re…um…twisted?  We hope not.  But, well, we’ve got skins for that, too, just in case.  In fact, we’ve got skins for everyone.  And if, after a while, you decide the skin you chose is no longer the skin for you, choose another one and switch it up.  Our special vinyl coverings are made for easy, mess-free removal. 

Whether you’re using your IdeaPad to draft the next great novel or using your ThinkPad to craft your plans for world domination, your computer needs protection.  Why not do it in style?  Whatever your style may be.

Don’t see your Lenovo here?   Check us out on Amazon or shoot us a message.  In quality, cost, and selection, we aim to please.


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