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We know that all laptops are not created equal.  But at MightySkins, it is our hope that all laptops, MacBook, Ultrabook, and Chromebook alike, can look equally awesome.  After all, isn’t it time to not only embrace, but enhance the diversity of laptops everywhere? 

Help your machine express itself.  What does your Aspire aspire to?  Maybe your IdeaPad is a little shy at first; give it a skin that lets out its wild side.  Is your ThinkPad Twist a little twisted?  We’ve got something for that, too.  Let your Inspiron inspire!  Make your ThinkPad Edge edgy!  Transform your Transformer Book (and maybe give it a different name)!  It is time for the laptops of the world to arise and say “I am more than a machine!”  But they need your help.  Because they can’t move or order things on their own.  Yet. 

Your laptop works hard for you.  Reward it with a little something extra.  Like the extra protection from scrapes and scratches provided by MightySkins’ tough vinyl covers.   And don’t worry if your machine is finicky.  MightySkins remove easily with no goo or residue.  At less than $20 each, you can afford to get your faithful friend a new outfit from time to time. 

Of course, for those times when your laptop has been acting up and you need to teach it to appreciate the things it has, your MightySkin will be up to the task.  Each skin is made with high-end UV protected ink that will keep looking sharp and fresh while your laptop learns its lesson, and the high-quality vinyl is resistant to peeling and cracking over time. 

Whatever your laptop’s disposition, a MightySkin can only help to bring out the best in it.  Each skin comes with a free downloadable matching background, so your baby can express itself from the inside out and you can rest assured knowing that you have given your machine the very best in modern style and protection.


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