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We all love it when our electronic toys play well together, don’t we? Our computers talk to our cell phones that talk to our tablets and our consoles and back again. And we get a kick out of it. So what would it be like if our cell phones talked to our vape mods?

Well, good news is that you don’t have to wonder. Laisimo is here with their technological genius to show us how that works. This China-based company is known for linking temperature-controlled boxes to Android phones, letting you set your power and temp controls right from your phone. It also allows you to limit the puffs you can have on the mod, but let’s face it, how many of us actually use that function?

Sadly, the Laisimo doesn’t currently work with the iPhone, but while we’re holding out hope for that, let’s focus on the mods. This brand fires up to an incredible 200W and supports all the types of wire in temperature control mode. Cool right? Right.

And while the interactive face of the Laisimo is pretty cool — it looks kinda like a dashboard, and when is that ever not cool? — it lacks some personality. So what do you do? You swap out boring with bold by using our vinyl wraps, that’s what you do.


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