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Have you ever wanted a vape mod that has an in-house tank that kind of reminds you of a really old cell phone or a walkie-talkie but still gives you an enormous amount of power and a great vape every time? You have? Well, you’re in luck, because Katady caters directly to you.

This company is a subsidiary of Alibaba, meaning that it's backed by one of the most powerful and prominent Asian companies that do research and development into vaping and vape products. What does that mean to you? It means that this company is on the cutting edge of vape technology, bringing you the best designs and mods that are currently in development.

Katady is still a new company stateside, but Asian vapers flip for the new generations of the mods that the company is putting on the market. Made to slightly resemble the iterations of the iPhone, Katady products were created with variable voltage capabilities that can withstand a 2200mah battery, which is where the enormous power comes from.

But, well, the design can be a bit “the 90s”, if you really look at it. And unless you’re really into the 90s style, you’re going to want to change it. We bet you’re glad you found the hundreds of designs we got, so start looking around. We got something for everyone.


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