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The GoPro Hero 3 camera is the go-to digital camera to film active sports action with high resolution and quality. GoPro’s cameras sell between $200 and $400, are durable, small and water resistant. These cameras are able to be mounted on a wide range of accessories like helmets, bikes and surfboards, giving viewers amazing HD footage.

As these tiny video cameras become even more increasingly popular moving forward, MightySkins gives its users the opportunity to personalize their experience even more. MightySkins GoPro Hero 3 skins gives those same individuals a fun, new way to stand out even more while enjoying their favorite adrenaline rush activity.
If you use a GoPro Hero 3 (or the newer 3+), now’s the time to be a little different and stand out from the crowd. Add a MightySkins color or design skin to your camera and watch people’s heads turn as you create unforgettable footage.

GoPro Hero 3 skins are easy on the wallet, too! At under $8 a skin, you can pick up a few skins for changing up on your camera. You get different looks and styles, helping you personalize your camera. Plus, the MightySkins GoPro Hero 3 skins provide an extra layer of protection from the elements, too! Your camera will avoid scratches, nicks and more while using the camera on the slope, in the half-pipe or even jumping from a plane.

One of the best parts is that all MightySkins GoPro Hero 3 skins consist of a durable high gloss laminate that can be removed with ease and without leaving any sticky residue behind. As an added bonus, it makes collecting your favorite skins and sharing them with your friends and family, incredibly easy and affordable.
And if you have other devices, MightySkins has you covered. We have matching skins available for your mobile phones, laptops, gaming consoles and more. Use a coordinated style, and give your devices a great look to match all your devices together.

It is definitely a great idea to take a little time to browse through the extensive selection of MightySkins GoPro Hero 3 skins. Each one is specifically designed to fit any GoPro Hero 3 and includes the free downloadable matching wallpaper. All our skins are designed and manufactured in the USA at our South Florida headquarters.


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