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If you’re like most vapers, vaping is a part of your daily routine. That means you want a mod that performs consistently and well every time you use it.  Hcigar makes devices that deliver.  The VT200 and the VT40 are made of quality aluminum and the buttons have a really nice feel with spiral texturing. Both the VT200 and VT40 are loaded with features, many of which you will likely never use. But if you’re looking for the Cadillac of vaping devices, you can bet that Hcigar won’t let you down.

And like a Cadillac, you will want to supe these vapes up.  They’re not all that pretty right off the line, but their performance begs for a customized exterior. Hcigar’s VT200 and VT40 are fabulous vapes, and we wouldn’t say they’re unattractive, just … well, understated. Fortunately, MightySkins has an easy fix. Just cover them up with one of our high-grade vinyl vape wraps. Whatever your personality, we have a skin that suits you – are you edgy, romantic, countrified, hungry, whatever. There’s a skin here for your HCigar vape that will tell the world exactly who you are as you vape away.


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