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Hana Modz

While the “z” on the end of Hana Modz kind of calls to mind an edgy middle schooler trying sneak their way into the cool kids’ table, everyone knows that Hana Modz don’t need to fake it to make it.  They produce some of the most advanced box mods on the market today. With a long line of ultra-powerful vapes with advanced temperature control capabilities, Hana Modz offers no-nonsense vaping to all comers.

But while Hana Modz may be cool on the inside, their style could use a little pizzazz (see what we did there with all the ‘z’s?). They come in any number of colors, but they tend to be pretty plain. If only there was an online marketplace where you could choose from a vast selection of easy-on, easy-off vinyl skins and wraps custom tailored for your Hana Modz-brand box mod. Yeah, we’re talking about us.  You've found it.  Hundreds of custom-cut quality vinyl wraps for your Hana Modz box mod.  And at around ten bucks a pop, you don't even have to choose just one.


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