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In the world of gaming, your avatar makes a statement.  You choose with meticulous care the clothing, hairstyle, weaponry, eye color, chin strength, and shoe size that best express your inner warrior.  You select the character that looks like you only awesomer, the vehicle you would have if it was real or you were not, the suit of armor that says “you know who I am.  Go ahead and run.”

In the world of your room, shouldn’t your console do the same?  With hundreds of MightySkins to choose from, you’re sure to find a look for your Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo that says, “This is my world, and in my world I am [enter your imagined self here].”  Make your gaming console look like your game, something that gets you in mood for a little NBA 2K, Mario Kart, or Dragon Age, or a Guitar Hero skin that looks like, yeah, a guitar.  

OK, so maybe you don’t take your gaming quite so seriously.  In fact, maybe you wish someone in your life would take their gaming a little less seriously and have a little more respect for the continuity of your decor.  We think MightySkins can help you reach a compromise.  We know that a classy wood grain façade or a super-hip chevron won’t make up for the hours stolen by that infernal contraption, but it might make you hate it less.  And, if it doesn’t, you can easily remove and replace a decorative MightySkin with one that better expresses your hopes for the machine’s future—say a blazing inferno or a nuclear explosion—without any hassle or mess.

Whether you choose a skin to make your console stand out as a beacon of your gaming prowess or to make it blend in as an expression of your decorating power, you can be confident that the look you choose will stick around through endless hours of rapid hand movement, thanks to MightySkins high-gloss laminate and superior-quality UV protective ink, made to resist fading, scratching and peeling.  Make your console more than a console.  Make it a part of your game life.  Or your furniture.


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