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We’ll pause here to give the nerds among you an opportunity to indulge your vape-related space cowboy fantasies.  Good?  Good.  

Firefly brand vapes are, in fact, in no way associated with your favorite single-season television show.  And we’re guessing you want your Firefly to last more than a season.  Also not look like a piece of junk.  We can help you with both missions.  MightySkins for Firefly vapes are custom cut to allow all the parts to work as intended, while protecting and sprucing up your portable vaporizer.  Plus, with the Firefly’s relatively hefty price point, you don’t want this beauty growing legs (or wings) and taking off.  With hundreds of MightySkins to choose from, you’re sure to find one to suit your vape and to let you know that it's your own.  If you want to call it Serenity, we won’t judge you.


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