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When it comes to the ultimate in stealth vapes, Eleaf is an industry leader. Its iStick line of teeny tiny low-profile box mods are as tough and powerful as they are compact. Known for making super-affordable vapes without compromising on quality, Eleaf doesn’t mess around. With integrated temperature control on many of its iStick vapes, Eleaf still somehow finds a way to squeeze as much as 100 watts of power in these tiny little form factors.

How do they do it? We think there’s some sort of witchcraft involved. Either that or the engineers at Eleaf are as committed to their craft as we are. Maybe it’s a little of both. Whatever dark magic Eleaf uses to put their box mods together, you’re gonna want some of that. And you’re gonna want to keep your magic little stealth vape under wraps – by which we mean cloaked in a custom-cut MightySkin vape wrap, specially designed to let just the right amount of magic out while keeping your Eleaf vape safe - from dark wizards and bumps and dings.


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