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e-Cigs & Vapes

You know what we like best about e-cigs?  They’re customizable.  No, this is not just because anything that can be customized helps forward our ongoing mission to beautify the world.  It's because we know that a customized e-cig can not only help protect the radness of your image (and the surface of your e-cigs or vaporizers), but can also save your life.  Hear us out.

Just as telephones have been all but replaced by smartphones over the last few years, cigarettes are soon to meet their match in sleeker, friendlier, and frankly less gross e-cigs.  You know what that means.  Yeah, that means the billion packs of cigarettes sitting on a billion bars and café tables and stuffed into a billion pockets around the world will soon be replaced by indistinguishable, yet re-usable e-cigarettes.  You see where we're going with this?  It's one thing to give a stranger a smoke from your pack.  It's a whole different ballgame when you start accidentally picking up strangers' e-cigs thinking they're yours and end up puffing away on their cold, flu, and Herpes Simplex 1 viruses.  Ew.  Ok, so probably you won't die from any of these things, but, still.  With the e-cig revolution on our heels, you want to get ahead of that curve.  

MightySkins are perfect for all your e-cig and vaporizer needs because our premium vinyl is made to withstand all your handling, fiddling, pocketing, and, of course, vaping.  But they're also painless to remove and replace (don’t ask us how we do this, it's a trade secret) so you can easily change your vaporizer to match your clutch, car or other habits, whatever you want.  We use high-end UV protective inks to produce all our skins, so your MightySkin will stay bright and shiny, just like your skin since you stopped smoking regular cigarettes.  And at about $10 a pop, each skin costs less than a pack of cigarettes (in New York, anyway).

Fancy up your look and protect yourself from communicable disease.  MightySkin your e-cigs and vaporizers today.


Interested in a MightySkins wholesale account? Please contact us at sales@mightyskins.com



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