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Some people might think it’s silly to spend $200, $300 on a cooler. “I mean,” they say, “what can a cooler really do for you?  It keeps stuff cold.” These fools clearly do not understand the power of THE MIGHTY YETI.  These neophytes have obviously never experienced a cooler “built for the wild”.  These inferior-cooler-owners have undoubtedly never needed to protect their camping and/ or tailgating goodies from the likes of a marauding Grizzly.  

But we understand.  We get why it’s worth it to have latches named after dinosaurs that won’t break and fall off, rendering your cooler incapable of keeping cold all that fish you just caught.  We know the value of a cooler built like a whitewater kayak that won’t fall to pieces when cousin Dewey forgets to close the tailgate.  And we are right there with you in wishing this apocalypse-proof mother-of-all-coolers were just a little bit cooler looking.

Well, proud cooler owner, your wish is about to come true.  Just click your cooler below and choose the MightySkin that will make that cooler truly yours.  Our top-grade vinyl skins are almost as tough as your cooler and are custom cut to fit its largest surfaces without interfering with handles, tie-down slots, or the vortex drain system.  Vortex.  A football skin for tailgating or a camo skin for hunting - whatever you use your cooler for, we’ve got a skin to fit.  And they remove without a mess, so when it comes time to repurpose, just choose a new skin and let the good times roll.



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