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Cell Phone

Remember that time you went to the meeting and set your phone on the table then went to get some coffee only to find when you came back that you couldn’t tell which of the now 12 phones on the table was yours?  What if that never had to happen again?  Thanks to MightySkins, it doesn’t. 
Even though there are more than half a billion iPhones in the world and Samsung sold nearly 5 million Galaxy Note 4s in its first month on the market, with a MightySkin, yours can be the only one in the office (or classroom, locker room, or space station) that looks like yours.  
I know what you’re thinking. What if that weird guy in the office/class/space station who wants to date/be me gets the same one in order to pretend we have something in common?  Not to worry. Our premium vinyl skins remove easily, with no sticky residue and no scraping, clawing or anger throwing. And at less than $8 a pop, you can switch out your skin so often your stalker won’t be able to keep up.
But what if there is no stalker in my life and I want to keep my beautiful MightySkin forever, you ask. Well, you can do that, too, because even though our special skins come off without a fight, they also stay on without coercion.  Plus, the UV protective inks used in all our skins are tops at preventing fading and keeping the image on your skin vibrant, crisp and beautiful (or bad ass) for a good long while.  
Yeah, yeah, we know.  There are some of you out there who like to anger throw your phones and have an indestructible Otterbox to accommodate your strange habit.  Well, we have the MightySkins to accommodate your Otterbox and to express your spirit animal.  Or whatever else you want to express.
So, whether you prefer your protection barely there or nuclear bunker style, MightySkins has got you covered with stylish, expressive skins that let you reserve the question "is that my phone?" for when it really means "what the hell are doing with my phone?"

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