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Our top-grade vinyl cell phone skins offer great protection against the dings and scratches your phone can get moving in and out of your pocket, bouncing around in your purse, or sliding around on your car’s console.  But some folks need a little extra layer of protection.

This is where MightySkins cases come in.  Stylish, slim, and durable, our cases are great for the everyday slips and bumps that can be so disastrous to an unprotected phone. They offer more protection than a skin alone by absorbing some of the impact from a drop or hit, but don’t bulk up your phone so much that it starts to feel like a small book. The paper kind, we mean. (Editor’s note: Paper is a material made from ground up trees; it was once used by humans to record and transmit information, which could be collected in volumes called “books”. It is from these that the terms “epaper” and “ebook” derive.)

If you’re not sure whether you need a skin or a case, check out our post, Phone Skin vs. Case: What's the Difference?  If it seems like you mostly need a case, but sometimes just want a skin, or vice versa, get a skin and a case to match.  We even have skins for Lifeproof and Otterbox cases, in case you sometimes need to defend your phone from acts of nature or young children. The set will still cost you less than most cases and your phone will always look like yours.  


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