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Before there was the iPhone there was the BlackBerry. If this sounds like an origin story, that’s because it is — BlackBerry predates the iPhone by nearly nine years and is the father of all modern smartphones. I bet you never thought about the fact that the iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone. Well, now you know.

When BlackBerry was founded in 1984 and the first phone was launched in 1999, it was a revolution. Smartphones were a new invention — just imagine a time when you couldn’t get emails on your phone. BlackBerry made that possible.

Of course, Blackberry is no longer alone in the smartphone market. However, it is still the most respected smartphone on the market because it has always had a consistent level of quality throughout all of its generations. And really, is there anything else more important?

We know that many people like to use a BlackBerry more than an iPhone, and this is usually for business purposes. There are far more functions on this type of smartphone that lends itself to diplomatic, political and business concerns than the far more laid-back iPhone. And that’s why BlackBerry is still a respected name in this industry.

You know all this. You have a BlackBerry because it suits your needs. Now you need a skin for it that suits your style. Is it any wonder you came to us for help with that? Go ahead and take your time looking around. We’ll be here when you’re ready to check out.


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