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If there’s a vape company that truly epitomizes class and sophistication, it’s Aspire, hands-down. Maker of some of the most elegant looking box mods and clearomizers you’ll ever see, with products named Triton,  Pegasus,  Atlantis, and Odyssey, it’s clear that Aspire takes aspiration seriously. It’s also clear that someone at the company has a pretty serious obsession with Greek mythology, but that’s neither here nor there –  you’ve got to put that Liberal Arts degree to use somehow.

If you’re looking for the kind of vape that combines classic aesthetics with innovative design features, you can’t go wrong with Aspire. With tanks that provide selectable airflow and box vapes with the advanced technology to save you from yourself, all your Aspire needs now is a wrap to enhance and protect its mythic beauty. There’s just something so satisfying about wrapping one of our distinctive designs around one of Aspire’s vaporizers. You won’t just have a unique vaping experience – you’ll have a unique-looking vape as well. And in the grand scheme of things, if you can’t vape with style, why vape at all?



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