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We know what you’re thinking — does Apple really need an introduction? It’s the most well-known manufacturer of smartphones in the world, and tens of millions of people have one. Well, you know what? We just tricked you into this introduction, and now it’s finished.

In all seriousness, though, Apple is a great smartphone company. They have the largest amount of apps available on any smartphone carrier with full functionality — like moving between apps without ever losing your place in any given app — as well as an integrated cloud service, access to iTunes and other Apple services already preloaded and more. It’s enough to make you wonder if you even need a computer.

Spoiler alert — you kind of need a computer.

The point is, Apple can give you almost everything you need all within one device. Whether you’re rocking the iPhone 3G or you’ve upgraded to the iPhone 6S Plus, you’re part of a group of people who love technology and all that comes with it.

So what more do you need? Well, you might want a skin to change the look of your phone. How awful would it be if you’re going along in life, minding your business, and never even customized it? Need we say more?


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